St. Mary Magdalene

Artist: John Collier, Dallas, TX

St. Mary Magdalene, First Witness to the Resurrection and "Apostle to the Apostles" honors those who perished in the American Airlines and United Airlines jets that crashed into Towers One and Two: the passengers and the pilots and flight attendants who served them, and those who came from all parts of the country to serve at Ground Zero in whatever way they could.  She also honors those who come to the site to mourn their beloved dead; especially those who do not even have the small comfort of having had their loved ones' remains returned to them.  She evokes all the women who died that day: grandmothers, mothers, wives, daughters, sisters, aunts and nieces.  She is depicted hurrying to Jesus' tomb on Easter morning, carrying jars of spices, to anoint His body, jars that will remain unopened because they will not have to be used - for He is risen.